Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pokemon Challenge: Grass Type

You guys, I'm so proud of these. It's Grass-Type week in the Pokemon Challenge I'm doing, and I had quite a few ideas of what I wanted to do this week. Because we are sticking to the original 151, there are really not many choices to pick from - sometimes I forget just how much the game has changed since then! I wanted to do Tangela, but I thought it would be too hard to freehand all those vines - of course, I didn't think of the genius idea Sharra had to use Sharpie!! Amazing.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

I had wanted to do Oddish, then I noticed a few of the other girls chose him too, so I thought I'd do it a bit differently. So, here's Oddish, and his Gen 1 evolutions, Gloom and Vileplume! :)

I ended up being SO happy with these! I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, especially with how short my nails are right now, but they turned out a lot better than I had expected! I thought Dollish Polish The Hero of Time was an perfect accent for these Grass pokemon. I used a combination of dotting tools, striping brushes, and nail art brushes to create this mani.

What do you think of these nails? Do you have a favorite Grass-type pokemon? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! <3



  1. Ohhh my goddd!!! Nails can't possibly get more adorable hahah, these really reminds me of my Geek side! Your Gloom is sooo cute haha <3

  2. Thanks so much!! Gloom is my favorite too haha :) I also love when nails and geeks collide :D

  3. Oh my gawd you did so well!!! SO CUTE! And it looks like they're dancing xD Remember Pokemon Snap when the Vileplume does a little dance as you go by? xDDDD

    You're totally right about there not being that many to choose from! I was surprised too x_x; Turns out, I didn't like the grass Pokemon in the first gen much, or in general ever. There's like twice as many fires though so next week hopefully we'll get more variety =D

    PS Thanks for the shoutout <3

  4. POKEMON NAILS! This is my dream, haha. I shamelessly still love My favourite grass type is Chikorita from Silver/Gold...but from the original 151 my favourite is probably Ivysaur, but you're right there's not many to choose from. Oddish is so cute! :) Amazing nails!

  5. Omg pokemon nails! I never thought I'd see those XD Those are sooo impressive


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