Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pokemon Challenge: Fire Type

First off, let me apologize for the sheer number of photos in this post. I am SO proud of this mani, and I went overboard lol!!
It's Fire-Type week for the Pokemon Challenge and I had to think long and hard about this one. Fire is and has always been my favorite type, so I was so excited! I ended up settling on one of the cutest Pokemon of all time, in my opinion - Vulpix!
Here's the photo I used for inspiration, taken from Google:

And now, onto the nails!

I didn't really have the right colors for Vulpix, so I did a bit of mixing, and it wasn't quite as hard as I'd thought it would be. For her tail and hair, I mixed China Glaze Mahogany Magic and Sally Hansen Heat Flash. Her body is a mix of Essie Yogaga, Sally Hansen Heat Flash, and a touch of CG Mahogany Magic. The spot on her belly is Essie Yogaga, and the feet and eyes are Mahogany Magic. My other three fingers are a firey gradient using Sally Hansen All Fired Up, Heat Flash, and Lightening. I topped it with two coats of Glimmer by Erica Muy Caliente. I topped off with 2 coats of HK Girl to be sure Vulpix's eyes were level, since they stuck up a bit.

I loved that gradient, I wish I had gotten photos before I put the glitter over top! I've been obsessed with gradients lately lol, this one looked just like fire! :)

Sorry about the dry cuticles in these next two close-ups! I was so excited to take pictures, I didn't really take time to put oil on like I usually do lol. But I still thought these macros were worth seeing!

It was really tough to hold my fingers in that position to connect Vulpix's tail to her body lol! But you get the idea. I know it's not perfect, but I really loved this mani and I feel like my nail art skills are improving every week! I'm so glad I joined this challenge - it's really pushing me to be better and I love it!

What do you think of Vulpix?? Do you have a favorite Fire-Type?? I'd love to hear <3



  1. Sooooooo cute! I'm literally screaming at your nails aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  2. I squealed. Right here in the office. This is so cute I might just do it again.

  3. Omg omg omg omg so so so so so so cutttteeeeee!!!!!!!!

  4. This is really nice . Such a great vulpix

  5. You really did a great job! :) The glitters and the gradient are beautiful! And vulpix is perfect

  6. These are crazy amazing!! I can't even handle the cute, and you did such a fantastic job with both the freehand painting and the gradient fire. Totally love!! :D


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