Thursday, January 17, 2013

Julep Suedes - Hailee & Minka

Hello everyone! Today is my Friday so I'm very excited to have the next two days off work!! :D 
I wanted to let you all know that I recently had two nasty breaks (one on each hand!) so I've had to trim down to nubs. I hate it when that happens! Fortunately, I've got a huge backlog of posts, so the majority of what you will be seeing for the next couple weeks will be manis that I've done over the past month or so. I want to grow my nails out a bit before I do any new swatches. 

Today I've got some gorgeous polishes that came out a while back - my picks from Julep's suede collection! I got Hailee and Minka, which you will be seeing today, and Nora, which I will show you in another post soon. 
First up is Hailee. Julep describes this as a khaki green suede, and I kind of disagree. I picture khaki with more brown tones to it, this to me looks like a straightforward green with silvery shimmer. The following photos show 2 coats of Hailee with base coat (Poshe) but no topcoat.

This polish is gorgeous at different angles! Like I said, it's got that silvery shimmer to it in certain lights.

Here's a close-up to really show the depth. I adore this polish, I imagine it will be making many more appearances on my nails.

And now, onto Minka! Julep describes this as an oxblood red suede, but I think of oxblood as being a darker, "vampier" red. This polish seems more coppery to me, but you definitely pick up the red. I love it! Again, this is 2 coats of Minka over Pose basecoat, but with no topcoat.

I was incredibly impressed with these polishes! The only deterrent is the price, because I'm not a maven. But the formula was perfect, they're unlike anything else in my stash, and I could not believe how long they lasted without chipping. I am extremely addicted to my topcoats, and I thought I would have a much harder time not using one. Typically, matte polishes with no topcoat have not worked well for me - I always have to use the "sandwich" method. However, with these gorgeous suedes, it's not necessary. Two coats of the polish and you're good to go! I'm amazed if you can't tell. These made it 3 whole days with no chips, and they may have lasted longer, but I changed my mani. 3 days is an eternity for me, so that's saying something! :)

These polishes retail for $14 each (if you're a member, they'll be cheaper) and you can pick them up at


These polishes were purchased by me, and the above review reflects my honest opinions. I am not being compensated in any way for this post. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.


  1. Omg the second color is freaking beautiful :D

  2. I really love Minka! Something about the color and the finish :)

  3. Pretty! Hailee kind of reminds me of China Glaze Stone Cold. I wonder what the two would like like side-by-side?


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