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Jindie Nails - Strawberry Cupcake and Burrrberry

Today is my final post about Jindie Nails Winter Chic collection! And, I've saved the best for last - in my opinion, of course. These two were my favorites from the collection - Strawberry Cupcake and Burrrberry. First, here's a reminder of what the entire collection looks like.

Jindie Nails Winter Chic collection

Jindie Nails Winter Chic collection
First up today is Strawberry Cupcake.
"Light pink crelly with white, purple, lavender, hot pink, magenta, periwinkle, teal matte and metallic glitters with teal micro shimmer. Meant to be worn on its own and opaque in 2-3 coats."

Ugh, unfortunately, these swatches aren't my best, and don't do this beauty justice. This is when I was trying to figure out my new background and lighting and I hadn't quite perfected it yet. I promise to reswatch this when I get my full size bottle that is on its way to me as we speak! :D

Strawberry Cupcake is the perfect name for this polish! It's a really girly mix of colors that I wouldn't have thought I would have loved this much. It looks like a little girl's dreams - sweets and candy and cupcakes and unicorns! Well, at least it looked like that to me, haha...

The shimmer is gorgeous in this polish, although it doesn't want to show up on camera! It was there, trust me. You can see it a bit on my index finger in the next shot.

I had absolutely no issues with this polish. It applied like a dream. No fishing for any of the glitters was necessary, I didn't have to fuss with hand-placing everything - all the glitters were plentiful and came out without any extra work from me. I used one coat of HK Girl overtop and everything felt completely flat - even the big white hexes! I fell in love with this one the instant I saw it - I definitely recommend it even if you don't see it as the type of polish you would typically reach for.

And now for my favorite of the whole collection! Burrrberry!
"Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, wine, magenta, navy holographic and metallic glitters in a white crelly base. Meant to be worn on its own and opaque in 2-3 coats."

Formula was great, as usual. No fishing, no dragging, no clumping. Even those big blue hexes you see came out all on their own! They look like they are curling in the photos, but it must be reflective, because I didn't notice it at all IRL. I used a coat of HK Girl and everything felt completely flat. :)

Burrrberry is a great winter polish, but to me, it looks like it would work for any season! It's pretty on its own, but I recommend layering to preserve polish. That being said, I do love the look it gets when there are multiple layers overtop of one another - some glitters look faded into the base and some are more vibrant - it gives it such a cool look of depth!

Both of the polishes shown here retail for $8 for a full size bottle, and $4.25 for a mini size. The shop is on vacation right now, so make sure you follow Jen on her social media sites to be sure you're up to date on restock info! :)

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on these two! Which one is your favorite of the two? :)


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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I just got my full size today and I'm so excited :D

  2. Me too! I need to get a white jelly glitter!

    1. I have like a hundred. I'm obsessed.

  3. I want Burrrberry so badly! Such a pretty polish! :)

    1. Hopefully she restocks soon! :) It's definitely worth having in your collection!

  4. Omg that white jelly/creme LOOOOVE <3

  5. Replies
    1. Of course, thank YOU for these beauties! I need another helmer haha...


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