Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jindie Nails Candy Land & Swoon

Hello loves! Today I've got the elusive Candy Land and her little brother Swoon from Jindie Nails

Jindie Nails was the first brand that I saw to use these neon translucent hexes, and they are awesome! It's such a unique look, especially in the white base that Candy Land has. These are two really fun polishes! :)

First up is Candy Land. This polish has been CRAZY popular, and it sells out like immediately, so when it is in stock, be sure to snatch it up! It's a kinda off white crelly base with pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow neon translucent hexes in different sizes. The following swatches show 3 coats of Candy Land with no undies, and with 1 coat of SV.

The larger hexes are a bit tricky, but if you use the upside bottle trick, they come out on their own, no problem. I let the bottle sit upside for a couple hours before I did this mani, and between coats I sat it upside down, too. I didn't do any fishing or mess with placement at all. You could if you're picky, but I kind of like the way it looks random. :) 1 coat of SV made this completely smooth.

Next up is Swoon. This polish has a light blue crelly base with the same translucent hexes plus round blue glitters and small blue squares. These photos show 3 coats of Swoon with no undies, and a coat of SV on top.

The neon hexes gave me a bit more trouble in this one, which is weird, because they are the same glitters as Candy Land has, but Candy Land didn't give me issues. They just seemed to not want to really lay flat, and some of them stuck up at the corners a bit. If I would have added one more coat of topcoat, it probably would have been fine. Other than that, no other issues with this formula!
I thought it was cool to see how these polishes built up, but I think in the future, I will layer Candy Land over white and Swoon over light blue to conserve polish. I definitely think these two are both worth picking up if you haven't already. The shop is closed at the moment, but be sure to follow Jen on all her social media sites to keep up to date on restock info! :)

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on these two! Which one is your favorite of the two? :)


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  1. They are both so gorgeous! I'm definitely a fan of Candy Land, and definitely the remix!!

  2. I want both of these really badly. Buuuuut I have so much polish, and so little moneys... SIGH.

  3. While Candyland is pretty, I have to say I love Swoon!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. I've been seeing such pretty Jindie swatches lately! Great job!


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