Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charm Your Nails: Zombie Princess & Howling Moon

Happy Saturday lovelies! Today I have a day off, which I am SO excited about lol. Have to work again tomorrow but today is all about swatching, playing video games, and laying around so I'm happy! Today I bring you two more awesome polishes from Charm Your Nails: Zombie Princess and Howling Moon. These are two more from her Halloween collection, and they totally got me even more psyched for Halloween!! 

Lindsay describes Zombie Princess as:
 "A decaying mix of green and pink glitters in a jelly mossy green base. Glitter shapes include bar, hex and square."

I love the murky base in this polish; it would be perfect for a zombie! I layered this over a few different colors to try it out. Lindsay showed swatches on a nail wheel over Orly Decades of Dysfunction, and I thought that would look perfect under this polish. Zoya Yara also reminds me of zombies, so I layered my ring finger with that, and my pinky is over black. My thumb is two coats of Zombie Princess alone.

The green glitters really shimmer, I love it. I still think my favorite has to be over Decades of Dysfunction! Looks kind of gross ;] Like a zombie!

Here's a picture in the shade. You can really see how cool the green glitters shine when it's not in direct sunlight. :]

And of course, a close up in the car!

What do you think of this polish??

Next up is Howling Moon! This one is really cool. Here's the description from Charm Your Nails Etsy shop:
"A mix of dark night black and gunmetal glitters with large white moon hex glitters and fine multi colored star sparks in a clear base.
Glitter shapes include hex and square."

The tiny sparkles really make it. I thought it would look good over lots of colors, but I tried to think "Halloween" and "night time" so this is what I chose. My thumb is 2 coats of Howling Moon alone, index is 2 coats over Rimmel Night Before, middle is Sinful Clementine, ring is Pixel Humdinger, and pinky is Rimmel Camouflage. Please excuse the cuticles - they are much better now, I took this last week. :]

Here are 2 close up pictures, I couldn't decide between them because the mani looks so different in the sun vs shade!


Direct sunlight
I think my favorite color combination here would have to be either the index or the ring finger - they both look like a dark, spooky night!! But the orange and green look very Halloween-appropriate too! 
I had no trouble working with this formula, the only semi-complaint I had would be that the big white hexes (see middle finger, center) did not want to come out much! The medium sized ones were plentiful, though, as you can see those all over the other nails. I found that dabbing a bit helped with placement with this glitter.

I took a couple macro shots of the nails to show how this glitter really looks up close:

One last picture! Check out how it sparkles in the sun! :]

Charm Your Nails polishes retail for $8.75 for 0.5 oz, and $3.50 for 0.125 oz. 

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts on these polishes below :]

And don't forget...

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A  sample of these products was provided for review. I am not being compensated in any way for this post. This review is a statement of my honest opinion of these products, based on experience. For further information, please see my Disclosure Statement.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall into Autumn Challenge: Day 5 - Football

This will be a quick post since I'm at work - just wanted to make sure I got my FiA post up today!
Let me start this off by saying, I am not a sports person by any means. I, embarrassingly enough, am one of those girls who asks stupid questions because I do not fully understand some things that happen during a football game. That being said, I did grow up near Pittsburgh, so in my family you are a Steelers fan, period. I do like to watch their games, but any other team or any other sport and I'm not remotely interested, haha.

Anyways, so for Football Week of this challenge, I simply HAD to post a Steelers design!

The gold color on my index, middle, and ring finger is China Glaze Sun Worshiper. Yes, it is supposed to be GOLD, I know there's that black and yellow song, but the Steelers colors are black and gold. I felt like this polish was pretty perfect for the actual color on their uniforms/helmets. My thumb is meant to represent the logo - it's Sinful Snow Me White with diamonds in Sinful Nail Art Be My Valentine, Stripe Rite in Navy Blue, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening. The glitter on my index finger is Icing The Golden Age of Glitter. I actually bought that glitter because of the black and gold in it and it reminded me of the Steelers! The crackle is Sally Hansen Crackle in Ink Splatter. The ring finger is meant to look like the helmets, and the pinky is Sinful Black on Black with Orly Sashay My Way over it. I wanted to do several different things for this mani, so it's a bit of everything!

Hope you like my Steelers-inspired nails, and don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in the challenge!!


I present to you....Jindie Nails!!!

Hey there everyone! I'm so excited that I got to announce my winners of the giveaway tonight - this is the first time I've ever done a giveaway or anything and it feels really nice to give back to the other bloggers who support me and read my blog! Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you.

And, tonight I'm also super excited to share my first post showcasing Jindie Nails polishes. Jen from Jindie Nails is hands down amazing; she's on top of emails, FB, suggestions - all around great customer service. Jen was kind enough to send me some of her creations to review, and tonight I'm sharing the first two I swatched, which are from her Halloween collection!

First up is Zomboy. It's a blue/purple jelly with different sized blue and magenta hexes. And the best part, it's buildable on its own so you don't need a base color!
Bottle shots:

As you can see, this blue is in your face!! It's super bright and eyecatching, I loved that about it. For my mani, I used 3 coats of Zomboy over NO undies. I did use the white glue base coat for easy removal.

This polish is stunning. When the light hits it, and it really shows off the magenta/fuschia glitters, it shows off how unique it is! The formula was great. The base went on smoothly, and dried with a squishy, juicy look to it. None of the glitters clumped or needed fished out.

And a couple more pics for good measure :]

Next up, I have Frankenstein Spit. This was one of the first polishes I mentioned liking to Jen, since it was the one that really caught my eye on her site. It's got tiny matte hexes in purple, black and neon green. Plus, who wouldn't love that name, haha!

Isn't this exactly what you'd imagine Frankenstein's spit would look like?? :]
Anyway, first, I wasn't sure exactly how opaque this would get, and I thought I might like to wear it alone. It does have a cool look on its own, but I don't think I prefer it that way. Here's a peek at Frankenstein Spit with no base color underneath.

And a macro shot of my thumb nail.  

I think it looks great, but something was missing. SO, I decided to try it out over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, with an accent of Pure Ice Hot Tamale, and BAM! Beautiful things happened.

I absolutely LOVE this combination. My Boyfriend Scales Walls already has that sort of gray green tint to it, so it looks perfect for Halloween. I liked that none of the colors of glitter in Frankenstein Spit get lost over these colors. For these photos, I used 2 coats of Frankenstein Spit and got GREAT coverage. I could have gotten away with 1, but I tend to like more coverage. I had zero issues with this glitter; application was smooth and easy.

A close up shot:

And one in the sun, so you can see how the colors really pop out in the light!!

All in all, I have to say, my first experience with Jindie Nails was definitely a positive one. I loved both colors, she's got a kickass Halloween selection, no issues with application, and great customer service. Oh, and did I mention that her full size polishes retail for only $7.75 each? Yeah, there's that too.

I'll be back with more Jindies later in the week, but if you simply can't wait, do yourself a favor and check out her shop or her Facebook page for yourself! You can thank me later ;]



It's time to announce the winners of my 100 Follower Giveaway!!! 

Now, as we all know, I'm technologically challenged. When Rafflecopter drew the first winner, I went to email her and when I went back all the entries had cleared! I didn't realize you had to announce BEFORE you emailed or they wouldn't save - OOPS! I did that several times so Rafflecopter just was too far gone for me to post it that way, but I went with the four names that I drew in order, I'm just going to list them myself.

Winner # 1: Christine Rica Bryant
Winner #2: Kari Ann Newkirk
Winner #3: Kim Kyle
Winner #4: Tabitha Harris

Thanks so much everyone for entering, I really really appreciate seeing all the new faces. I love you all! <3


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

They are FINALLY here!!! Orly Halloween Collection! (pic heavy)

I'll admit it. I have been DYING to try Orly's Halloween polishes since I saw RIP on Scrangie's page here. So I've been stalking my local Sally's and annoying the ladies there ever since. Then, last night - it happened. I went to a different Sally's after my boyfriend and I had dinner, and THERE THEY WERE. I snatched them all up and swatched as soon as we got home! I'm totally in love with this polishes, and I had to share them with you guys.

Just look at this gorgeousness!

L to R: R.I.P., Right Amount of Evil, Monster Mash

R.I.P., Right Amount of Evil, Monster Mash

I've been thinking that Orly is my favorite brand so far, but these confirmed it. I couldn't even pick a favorite, they are both so awesome. Here are my swatches!

First up is Right Amount of Evil. It's got an sheer orange jellyish base, and it's packed with holographic gold hexes of different sizes, as well as tiny holographic bars.

In the following photos, I used two coats of Right Amount of Evil over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Heat Flash. My accent is 2 coats of R.I.P. over Sinful Colors Black on Black.

Right Amount of Evil is fairly buildable, especially with how dense the glitter is, but if you don't like VNL, I recommend layering. The same goes for R.I.P. I really think it adds something when layered over black, but it gets pretty opaque on its own. It's a black jelly with orange/coppery hexes of different sizes.

Here's some macro shots of the polish on the nail.

Orly Right Amount of Evil

Orly R.I.P.

Next up is Monster Mash. It's a lime green jelly with green hexes of different sizes and tiny holographic bars. I think in certain lights the bars look like monster fur! ;] I layered two coats of Monster Mash over Sally Hansen Limestone. 

I took a ton of pictures of this one, because I love it so much! Sorry in advance for the pic spam ;]

The holographic-ness (yes I made that up) of the glitters really shows up in certain lights! I love it!

Here's a blurry shot so you can really see the holographic glitter!

And a macro shot of the nail - I love the texture of the hexes - you can't see that IRL.

And, last but not least, a couple shots of both hands together. I think I'll be wearing these as long as possible <3

All three of these formulas were great. I had no issues with curling, clumping etc. I topped all of these with a coat of Gelous and a coat of SV, but I probably didn't need the Gelous. These glitters didn't seem all that thirsty, but I find the life of my manis are extended when I use both!

The Orly Halloween collection retails for $8.99 for 16 mL at Sally's, but for some reason they rung up $7.99 each for me (I wasn't complaining)!

What do you think?? Which is your favorite? Will you be picking up any of these polishes? Let me know below! <3


Monday, September 24, 2012

My first Halloween mani of the year!

It is a very exciting day for me, because today I am sharing my first Halloween-themed design of the season! I'm sure I will do TONS more because Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, but I have to start somewhere!
I had some free time the other day, so this is what I came up with. It's just sort of a mix of things I think of when I think, Halloween!

Polishes used:
Candy corn - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening, Sinful Clementine, and Sinful Snow Me White
Black cat - (base) Orly Decades of Dysfunction, Sinful Black on Black, SH Insta Dri Lightening
Pumpkin - Sinful Clementine, Sinful Nail Art Time Off
Frankenstein - Sally Hansen Limestone, Sinful Snow Me White, Sinful Nail Art Time Off
Spider - Sinful Snow Me White, Sinful Black on Black & Time Off

What do you think?? What kinds of Halloween nail art would you like to see on my blog? I'd love suggestions!!!

And speaking of Halloween, don't forget to pick up some gorgeous Halloween polishes from Lindsay over at Charm Your Nails, using this 15% off discount!!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charm Your Nails Swatch Post #3

Well, today I have for you the last Charm Your Nails Swatch & Review post...for now! Lindsay was generous enough to send me some more awesome polishes to review and I will post about those very soon :] Hint: they are amazing!

Today I have two lovely Halloween polishes: When Black Cats Prowl and Mal-eficent's Magic.

First up, When Black Cats Prowl. It's a clear base with purple squares, black squares, black hexes, orange hexes, orange and sort of metallic silver bars, and tiny green hexes.

Speaking of Black Cats prowling, the Nails for the Sake of Sanity mascot had to make her appearance while I was taking photos. Everyone, meet Trixie, my love, and the inspiration for Trix & Treats Lacquers (my frankenpolish line that is in the works)!

Now, back to the polish! Here are some swatches of my mani, featuring When Black Cats Prowl!

I used Revlon Smoldering for a base, and Sinful Colors Let's Talk for the accent. Then I painted on 2 coats of When Black Cats Prowl using the brush stroke method, and topped it all off with a coat of SV.

Check out the close-up! I love this polish.

Just for reference, I also tried this polish using a flat grey instead of the shimmering silver, but I think I liked the above one better. Here's the one where I used Confetti Lonesome Dove instead of Smoldering.

Which undies do you like better?? :] Or are they too close to even really tell the difference?

Next up is Mal-eficent's Magic! This one has got an awesome shimmery base that Lindsay describes as a "glowing green flame base". Glitters in this beauty include purple and green squares, tiny black hexes and squares, black bars, even tinier green glitters, and purple hexes.

I thought this one would look perfect over orange! I layered 2 coats of Mal-eficent's Magic over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Heat Flash, and Confetti Lonesome Dove for the accent. I really like how the shimmer base transforms the orange, even though it's tough to capture in pictures!

This is probably my favorite Halloween glitter that I own right now. When layered over orange, it looked to me like the perfect illustration of what Halloween is - especially with that awesome shimmer base! I just could not get enough of this mani, in fact - I'm still wearing it now!

You can see a bit more of the shimmer where the light hits it.

A close-up shot:

I also took a few macro shots of this polish on my nails - I love it that much!

I had zero issues with either of these glitters. There are some pretty big squares in Mal-eficent's Magic, and I had NO problems with curling at all. The bars behaved as well. One coat of SV and you get a perfectly smooth, glassy finish. I definitely recommend both of these glitters for your Halloween arsenal, but Mal-eficent's Magic is a must have in my opinion - the base is seriously unique, and the color combination is stunning on the nail. :]

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts below :]

And don't forget...

Lindsay has been generous enough to activate a coupon code specifically for my readers, for 15% off your order from Charm Your Nails!! Just enter the coupon code SANITY1713 when you check out to receive the discount. :]
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A  sample of these products was provided for review. I am not being compensated in any way for this post. This review is a statement of my honest opinion of these products, based on experience. For further information, please see my Disclosure Statement.