Friday, December 7, 2012

Pahlish - Your Lover is An Actress

Hey there lovelies! Today I'm bringing to you the last Pahlish of my Pahlish week on the blog, which feels bittersweet. Not to worry though, I know I'll be buying more, which I will of course share with you all.

This last Pahlish is very, very special. You might recall that in the first post I would be showing you the beauty that proved to be not only my favorite Pahlish, but my favorite polish - in general! This one just floored me and it now holds the spot of my all-time favorite polish so far!!! I LOVE IT.

This is Your Lover is An Actress. It's from the song Sunrise, Sunset - the lyrics goes:
"Your lover is an actress, did you really think she'd stay?"
(Side note: the entire time through painting my nails, editing photos, and drooling over my nails, I could NOT get the song out of my head lol).

Here's the description of YLIAA from the Pahlish Etsy site:
"Sheer dusty violet base with a chaotic mix of multiple sizes of orange, berry, teal matte, copper, and grape purple glitter."

Pahlish Your Lover is an Actress
Label shot
Just LOOK at this macro!!! Can you see why I fell head over heels??

Macro shot
I layered this beauty over....oh, that's right! Nothing!!! Lol, again, this one didn't need undies - yes, it is this stunning all on its own. The following swatches show 3 coats of YLIAA with a coat of Seche Vite over top. I had no issues with anything sticking up, it was flat and smooth to the touch with just 1 coat of SV. I am SO mad at myself because I noticed a cat hair stuck to my index finger only afterwards when I was editing photos lol! Please ignore that :)

Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
Pahlish Your Lover is An Actress
One more time, here's the shop info:

Check out :

What do you think?? Which of these 5 polishes was your favorite? I am now a Pahlish customer for life, I have been seriously impressed with the flawless formulas, super amazing and unique color combinations, and prices are reasonable as well. :) Thanks for reading, guys and have a great weekend! I know I will because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY! Yay :D 25 sounds so old....

<3 Kelly

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  1. This is amazingly gorgeous! I can't believe you didn't use any polish perfect!

    And happy early birthday!!! :D


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