Monday, December 10, 2012

Model City Polish - O Christmas Tree

Hey guys! I hope you've enjoyed the other two Model City Polishes I've posted today. Now I've got the final polish, and it literally is THE perfect Christmas Polish. This is O Christmas Tree, and it looks like how i picture a Christmas tree would look if you put it through a shredder or a wood chipper, haha.

Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
This polish is packed full of green shreds (the tree itself), hexes in red, gold, and blue (ornaments), silver holographic bars (tinsel anyone?) and of course gold stars, because what is a Christmas tree without the star on top??
Macro shot
I could not get over how festive I felt with this on my nails! I literally felt like Christmas exploded into this nail polish bottle :) I decided to layer O Christmas Tree over simple black and white, because I felt like anything else might have taken away from the beauty of the polish! (Sorry about the dry cuticles)

Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
I also did 2 coats of O Christmas Tree alone on my thumb, so you guys could see what it looks like without undies. Please ignore how yellow that nail is, lol.

Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
Model City Polish O Christmas Tree in direct sunlight
Model City Polish O Christmas Tree in shade
Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
Model City Polish O Christmas Tree
I had no issues with formula, and even with all the shreds and bars, everything behaved and lay down flat. I had tried to give Gelous another chance here, but as you can see, I am still getting bubbles. I think it's time Gelous and I part ways! But just be aware that any bubbling you see is not O Christmas Tree, it's the Gelous. I did sort of hand-place the stars because I wanted them where I wanted them, but I had no trouble getting them out, and you don't need to mess with them if you're not picky about it like I am!

Do yourself a favor and check out Model City Polish's Etsy site. She's got a number of other great holiday polishes up (although unfortunately I think this one is now out of stock), plus some stunning holos. Not to mention, customer service is excellent, and her polishes would make perfect gifts for the holidays! They come in little gift bags along with extra goodies - how can you say no?? ;)

Model City Polish on Etsy
Model City Polish on Facebook

So what do you guys think of O Christmas Tree??? Which was your favorite of the 3 Model City Polishes I've shown you today?? I'd love to hear below!


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  1. Oh my, it looks exactly like a Christmas tree on your nails!

  2. HOLY MOLY it looks like she shredded a Christmas tree and bottled it! That's so awesome!


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