Monday, December 10, 2012

Model City Polish - The Jolly Happy Soul

Hi everyone! I've got another Model City Polish for you, and this one is truly amazing! It's got those kinda translucent color shifting glitters that confuse and amaze me in the best way. This is probably my favorite of the three I tried for that reason alone!

Description from Etsy:
"This blend is inspired by Frosty himself and the moonlight reflecting off the snow. The Jolly Happy Soul is a thick polish due to all the glitter in this one. It is packed with red glitter, black square and bar glitter, snow white glitter, and two different sizes of yellow to purple iridescent glitter."

Bottle shot
Even in the bottle, you can see the blue/purple hexes just lighting up! To me it really looked like they were glowing :) But even still, I didn't realize the full impact until I saw it ON the nail....
Macro shot in the bottle
Here it is in sunlight. This is 2 coats of Jolly Happy Soul over Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly (which smells like Christmas trees!). I used a coat of HK Girl for topcoat. This first picture is pretty, right? But nothing extremely earth-shattering....
Model City Polish The Jolly Happy Soul - in sunlight
BUT then - BAM! Put it in the shade and magic happens!! I actually gasped when I first looked at this on my nails, and the boyfriend looked at me like I was nuts. But just look at it and you'll understand!
Model City Polish The Jolly Happy Soul - in shade
Model City Polish The Jolly Happy Soul
In this next one, you can really see on my thumb the how the glitters can look yellow in certain lights too. I just think that is so cool!
Model City Polish The Jolly Happy Soul
Close up of the thumb
Model City Polish The Jolly Happy Soul
I didn't have any trouble with formula, even with those long bars! Normally, you'll get one or two sticking up, but these ones behaved. I literally have nothing negative to say about this one - it went on great, no clumping, and the effect of those color changing glitters is a real show-stopper. I don't understand how it works, but I approve! <3

Helpful links:

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Thanks for looking! <3


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  1. This is a really fun glitter! I love the combo of the different shapes and sizes!


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