Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glitter Gal Dark Brown Sparkle

Hiii! Quick swatch post for you guys today because I'm running late getting ready for work. A while back, I read that the Glitter Gal Sparkles polishes were being discontinued, (I believe on Llarowe? I can't remember!) and I snatched up a couple. At $11 each, I was surprised when 2 little 9 mL bottles showed up! I guess that's just how much they go for :/ But they are gorgeous. Today I'm showing you Dark Brown Sparkle

This my first experience with Glitter Gal and the formula was great! I used two smooth, easy coats for the following swatches and topped with HK Girl. The holographic sparkle is gorgeous!

Do you all own any Glitter Gals?? I definitely would like more, but the price tag is a little much! What do you think??



  1. Gorgeous colour, but I couldn't afford that.

  2. Wow, this is such a pretty holo!! I love the chocolate-y color!!

  3. Holy Cow! A brown sparkle/holo! I am in love :)

  4. This one totally made me sit up and go "ooooh!" :-)

    ~ Yun


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