Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jindie Nails Santa Claws Collection #2 (Pic Heavy)

HI lovelies!!! Happy November!! I am not excited about winter coming but I am SUPER excited about this collection, especially these first two polishes in this post today. And the best part is? This collection is LIVE! Trust me, you're going to want to pick these up - so links will be at the end after I show you the pretties :D

First up, is Blue Blue Xmas. It's a royal blue linear holographic polish, and it. is. stunning! Now, I want to apologize up front because I took these photos two days ago - as the hurricane was hitting. Like I've said, we were fortunate enough to be fairly unaffected in SW Ohio, but it's been awfully dreary and I feel like I haven't seen the sun in DAYS! So of course, these photos do not do these polishes justice. I tried taking them in the lightbox, and it was even worse! So just trust me, the holo in these beauties is SUPER strong. I couldn't stop my jaw from dropping every time I looked at my nails.

Bottle shot
Macro in the bottle
And here it is: Blue Blue Xmas! I had no issues with this polish, it was absolutely amazing. Hands down one of the best holos I own. First of all, the holo is really, really strong - I couldn't believe how strong, though you couldn't tell from these photos - GRR! But not only that, what you see here is two thin coats! One of my biggest pet peeves about the Layla holos is how thin and watery the formula is, so you have to do 4 coats to get good opacity. This formula was NOT like that at all, it was a dream! I'm definitely picking up a full size bottle.

Jindie Nails Blue Blue Xmas
 Here in the shade you can see the holo effect a tiny bit more (not sure how that works).
Jindie Nails Blue Blue Xmas in shade

Jindie Nails Blue Blue Xmas

Jindie Nails Blue Blue Xmas - please ignore the awful cuts! :(
And next up is the other linear holographic polish in the collection, Mrs. Claws. This is another one I will be buying a full size of - it is super pigmented and the holo is strong. Actually, all the gushing and praising I did for Blue Blue Xmas applies here as well, so let's just save time and get right to the pictures, shall we? :)

Bottle shot
Macro in the bottle
 In this shaded photo, I was able to almost capture the holographic goodness! Trust me, it is there!
Jindie Nails Mrs. Claws in shade

Jindie Nails Mrs. Claws
Jindie Nails Mrs. Claws
Jindie Nails Mrs. Claws

 And last for now is Just Elfing Around. This was another one of my absolute favorites in the collection. Jen's description: "Pastel green, white & cherry red hex plus silver & lime green holo hex in a clear base." Jen mentioned in the description that those larger hexes can be tough to get out, but I really didn't have much of an issue with that!

Bottle shot
This one did not want me to get a clear shot of him in the bottle!! I had to hold it in what sun I had, to really show the pastel green hexes in the bottle.

Macro shot in the bottle
I layered Just Elfing Around over 2 coats of Revlon Wicked Star, which is a great Halloween green and turns out to be a pretty good Christmas green as well! This is about 1 and a half coats (1 thick coat or 2 thin coats should work out fine) of Just Elfing Around. While I didn't have a problem getting the big hexes out, I found that I liked to mess around with placement just so they didn't all collect in one place, but that's just a preference.

In this next one, the holo hex on the pinky caught the light JUST right to make it look pink, lol!
Jindie Nails Just Elfing Around
Jindie Nails Just Elfing Around
Jindie Nails Just Elfing Around
Jindie Nails Just Elfing Around
So what do you guys think of these three??? These three, along with one that I'll be posting later, are my favorites from the collection! Jen is truly an artist!!!

Like I mentioned, these polishes are on sale NOW!!! You can buy the entire set in full size or minis, or you can pick and choose which ones you like and buy them as singles.
Full size polishes retail for $7.75 a piece (except for linear holos, which retail for $11) and minis are $4.25 (mini holos are $5.50).

Do yourself a favor and pick them up now!

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Thanks for looking guys, and check back later for my last post of Jindie Nails Santa Claws collection!!


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  1. wow, these polishes look great!!! especially the holos!!!

    1. Thanks! I only wish I could show how holographic they really are!! I am definitely reswatching when then is SUN! lol :]


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