Friday, October 12, 2012

Tiffany-esque Stamping

Happy Friday everyone!!
I might be a bit MIA this weekend - my boyfriend's parents are coming to town and we are heading to a Renaissance Festival near Cincinnati. It's my first time going to one and I'm really excited! It will be a new experience. :]

Anyway, I have a couple of manis piled up that I've been meaning to post so I thought I'd leave you with this one. A week or so ago, I tried stamping again and it was a success!! I loved this mani and I hope you will too, it's not a design/color combo I would typically try, but I fell in LOVE with it. It sort of reminded me of Tiffany's for some reason, hence the post title.

I used a base of Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and stamped on the swirly design using BM-225 and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Silver Sweep - amazing stamping polish!!

In shade

In sunlight
I really think my stamping is improving, I've picked up little tips here and there and I'm finally getting the hang of it to where it doesn't take me an hour to do a simple design because I mess up so much!!

I'd love to hear your experiences with stamping or your thoughts about this mani - let me know below :]
Thanks for reading everyone, hope you have an amazing weekend! <3



  1. I love the stamping and the blue it really is sooo Tiffany's!! <3 Have fun at the Renaissance Festival Kelly!! I've never been to one I've always wanted to go!! >.<

    1. Thanks so much Maggy!! It was really awesome, a totally unique experience! Definitely need to go next year again :D

  2. Stamping is so HARD! I am really impressed =D

  3. Thanks so much Sharra!! I'm still learning but I was really, really happy with this mani! Practice makes perfect for sure, when it comes to stamping.


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