Thursday, October 4, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday...on Thursday

Hey everyone!
When I was at work yesterday reading the blogs I subscribed to, I saw a bunch of posts popping up title Go Pink Wednesday. When I read through, I realized that all these bloggers had come together to post pink manis in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. I thought that was a great cause, and I wanted to join in, so I contacted Andrea at Finger Painting Fingers and she graciously explained how!

Which brings me to the nails, and the post title - Andrea said I could post a day late, and luckily I had one that I was planning to post anyway this weekend! So here it is, my first Go Pink Wednesday mani!!

I know, maybe Zoya Paloma is more of a "berry" than a pink, but I totally think it counts. I'm planning on picking up some pink China Glaze polishes this weekend since Sally's is having a sale on them, so check back to see what I come up with for next week! ;]

Anyways, I decided to try a jelly sandwich using Paloma and Ninja Polish Sticks and Stones. It was my first time trying out both of these polishes, so forgive me - I know this look has been done to death, but it's new to me!!

I used three coats of Paloma, followed by 2 coats of Sticks and Stones, followed by two more of Paloma - phew! I left the accent nail uncovered because I kind of like the look of Sticks and Stones over Paloma without the second "slice of bread" haha.

And here's a close up. I really liked this combination! Excuse the cat hair on my index, it's taken over my house haha!

And here's a close up of my accent nail - I found it was really hard to pick up on Sticks and Stones' little rainbow shimmery hexes in photos, but you can sort of see them here in the bottom half of the nail (they look like bubbles though!)

So what do you think of my first Go Pink Wednesday nails?
I've also recently been adding larger photos to the blog, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Yay? Nay?

Before you go, I really want to encourage you head on over to Finger Painting Fingers and read Andrea's inspirational story that sparked her idea for Go Pink Wednesday. It is really a great cause to bring awareness to, and though I, thankfully, have never had breast cancer hit too close to home (my great grandmother died of it, but before I was born), I have known others affected by it and have seen the devastation it can cause. Anything us bloggers can do to raise awareness is a great thing in my book.

Thanks so much, Andrea for coming up with a way for us all to come together and show our support!

Have a great day, everyone - and check out the other ladies' Go Pink Wednesday manis!



  1. Beautiful! I love a jelly sandwich :)

    1. Thank you! They are growing on me :]

  2. So cute Kelly!!! I love this go pink Wednesday idea!! I want to be a part of it, too! :)

    1. Thank you! You definitely should, it's a great cause :]

  3. Oh I never tried using SnS in a jelly sandwich! What a great idea!


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