Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday on the go!

Hey everyone, first of all I want to apologize that this post is so late - I have had a really crazy, really rough day and did not have time to get pictures of this mani until a few minutes ago!! That being said, I'm at work so I had to take the pictures on my phone so let me AGAIN apologize for the quality of these photos!

I wanted to keep this week's mani super simple, one because I didn't have time and two, because I rarely get a chance to do simple manis and I miss them!

This is two coats of China Glaze Strawberry Fields with one coat of Confetti Tazmanian Devil for the accent. I topped it off with a coat of HK Girl.

No flash

Slightly different lighting

With flash
I had to try messing around with Pixlr for the watermarks since I'm at work but I thought they look pretty cool! I definitely need to do another post showing CG Strawberry Fields. It warrants it's own post, the gold/orange shimmer in it is super strong and gorgeous!

Hope you liked the nails even despite the poor photos :] Check out the other gorgeous pink manis for BCA!!


  1. Strawberry Fields is so pretty

    1. Thanks Christine, it really is!! Totally deserves its own post :]

  2. I'm liking Stawberry Fields!! I like doing simple manis sometimes, too. Although I need to get a nail art mani in soon! I'm starting to miss having time to do that! <3

    1. I'm with you Maggy I'm so tired of not having enough time in the day! Hopefully I can work out a better routine with work soon so I have time again for nail art!

  3. I love the glitter accent finger!!!


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