Monday, October 8, 2012

DV Awareness Nails

Hello lovelies,
Today I'm bringing you a post that is very near and dear to my heart. I've heard that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and also Depression Awareness month, and Pregnancy and Lost Infant Month. I'm sure there are countless more great causes to draw attention to you, but today I'm showing you guys a mani that represents another issue that is spotlighted this month - domestic violence.

I've been working at the local YWCA's domestic violence shelter for almost 5 months now, and before this job I didn't have any significant amount of experience with DV victims, my background being in mental health specifically. But in this short time working here, I've developed a huge place in my heart for these incredibly strong ladies who get up every day and work hard to keep their heads up for their families and for themselves, despite all they've been through.

Now of course I know me painting my nails won't stop women (and men) from being abused, but anything I can do to bring awareness to this serious issue and get people thinking, I'm going to do it. So, without further ado, I step off my soapbox and present: my domestic violence awareness nails!!

Since the color for domestic violence awareness is purple (something I learned this month - I always associated purple with altzheimer's) I did a full purple mani with a ribbon accent. Purple's not my favorite color, but this Nina Ultra Pro (Purple X-ing) jumped off the shelf at me a few months back, and I finally got a chance to use it! The accent nail is Essie She's Picture Perfect, and for the ribbon I used Sinful Colors Nail Art in Fun Times.

I couldn't tell you why the accent looks matte in the next's got a coat of SV over it! Must just be the lighting.

And here we have my latest casualty. Last night I was opening a box and a big chunk of my thumbnail broke off! So now it's a nub. How pretty is this polish, though!?

I hope you like my DV Awareness nails!

And don't forget, no action is too small to help out with a cause you believe in. The shelter I work at, as well as other local shelters (at least in Dayton) operate almost completely on donations. Any personal care items, hygiene items, bedding, and clothing that we have for our residents has been donated to us. If you've got a DV shelter in your area and some extra clothes lying around or old soaps or shampoos you didn't like, or sheet sets you found were too ugly to use, why not donate them? I can tell you first hand that the generosity of strangers can mean the world to these ladies. Every little bit counts.

Thank you all for looking - have a great day everyone!! <3



  1. Oh noes it's a nub!! TWO of the nails on my right hand tore off! :( I love that you're spreading awareness about this Kelly! You are such a brave and wonderful person for working where you do. And this mani is beautiful! <3

    1. Agh, don't you just hate that!?
      Thanks so much, you are too sweet <3

  2. That's really great of you to spread awareness, I love the mattified look. It looks great!


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