Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vivid Lacquers Hivemind: Swatches and Review

Hello lovelies!
Tonight I have for you an amazingly unique glitter, designed by the one and only Anni at Vivid Lacquers! Vivid Lacquers is a newer indie brand to me, I had seen a review of these beauties at Chalkboard Nails, but really wanted to check them out for myself. During one of Anni's recent launches, I spied Hivemind - and fell in love. There were so many other polishes I wanted during that launch, but it was *supposed* to be a no-buy month. Oops.

Anyways, Hivemind is described by Anni as:
"Hivemind is a polish dying for layering or use in jelly sandwiches. This polish is a clear base featuring chunky black hexes, yellow daisies, and various sizes of black and yellow hex glitters."

When I saw the swatches, I was instantly reminded of a beehive - and the daisies were so different than anything I'd seen. I had to try it!

Check out this adorable bottle: I have a cat that looks just like that!

Macro shot - just look at all those pretty daisies!

And now onto the nails - I debated what to layer this over and ultimately decided on white. I wanted to really be able to see the yellow and black pop with all the different shapes and and sizes of glitter.

This polish is packed - and I mean PACKED with glitter. I wanted to experiment with it to determine how many coats are really needed. The above picture is 2 thick coats of Hivemind over Wet n Wild French Tip Creme. Below is 1 thick coat of Hivemind.

The glitters, for the most part, distributed perfectly. I played around with placement a little bit with the daisies and big hexes just to ensure evenness, but no fishing was needed. All glitters came out easily without any effort on my part. The formula was slightly thick, but nothing I couldn't work with. I think just because of the glitter being SO plentiful, I prefer just 1 coat, moving around the bigger pieces of glitter if you so desire! :]

And one more for good measure. And to prove I have a thumb.

Vivid Lacquers retail for $9.00 USD for 15 mL, and $4.50 USD for 5 mL.
Vivid Lacquer on Etsy
Vivid Lacquer on Facebook

What do you think of this polish? Will you be checking out Vivid Lacquers if you haven't already? She's got an amazing giveaway going on, and her Halloween collection launches soon (SO SO excited for that)!


This product was purchased by me, and the review posted above displays my honest opinions.


  1. That is cute reminds me of bumblebees

    1. Me too! Much cuter on nails than in person - I hate bees! lol

  2. I really like this polish, I've seen ones like this, but not with as big of glitter. Very cute!


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