Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glimmer by Erica: 50 Shades of No Gray

Hello everyone! Tonight I've got another awesome Glimmer polish to share - this one is called 50 Shades of No Grey.
From Erica's Etsy site:

"This polish has a sparkly base with black and white hexes and black and white hearts. There is NO gray at all in this polish!"

Here is the bottle shot:

And the macro - this polish is packed full of hearts! And the tiny sparkly holo glitters really make it pop!

 Again, for this polish, I wanted to try layering it over different colors. I painted about 2 coats on my thumb with no undies, and then from pinky to index, the bases I used are: Orly Rage (I've been loving this polish lately!), NYC Water Street Blue, Orly Rock-On Red, and Confetti Lonesome Dove.

And here's a close-up shot! I loved this mani :]

 All the colors look so different with 50 Shades of No Gray! I think the red nail is my favorite combination, so I took a close up of it :]

All in all, this polish was great! It was a little on the thick side, which is typical for glitters like this. It was still easy to work with, and the glitter came out evenly without the need to fish. Again, I chose to place the hearts myself for the most part, just because I like to, but you wouldn't have to. The hearts were plentiful and I had no trouble getting them out!

Glimmer by Erica polishes retail for $10.00 USD for 15 mL.
Check out Glimmer by Erica on:
Etsy or

She just came out with a Rainbow Brite collection that basically blew my mind.

Good night everyone :]

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  1. So super cute! Now I need this Rainbow Brite collection!!

    1. Thanks! And the Rainbow Brite collection is so amazing! I will definitely be picking up at least a couple!

  2. Such an adorable glitter polish

    1. I agree! And it's so versatile, it looks good over almost anything!

  3. I adore how you try the top glitters on colors other than black and white! It really helps me see the versatility

    1. Thanks! I agree! And her polishes look great over anything, so I have to experiment ;]


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