Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall Into Autumn Challenge: Day 1 - Back to School

Yes, it's true - I've gone and joined yet another challenge! I had no intentions of doing so, but when I saw the list of themes for the Fall into Autumn Challenge on A Girl and her Polish, I knew I had to see about joining in! I LOVE autumn, mostly because of Halloween, the food/drinks (um hello - mulled cider!!), and the weather, so I couldn't resist doing a challenge where I will get to illustrate all these things that I love so much. :]

Day 1's theme is Back to School, and I realized when working on this mani, that this is my first year since preschool (19 years ago) that I'm not participating in "back to school", and it made me kind of sad. I still have to finish my thesis, but I'm not buying books and pencils, and finding new classrooms and things like that. Oh well - guess it's part of growing up! For my Back to School themed mani, I wanted to recreate notebook paper - I was such a dork growing up (still am) that I got SO excited to get fresh new notebooks for school every year. I was a weird kid. Anyway, I got the inspiration for this design from a bunch of images on Google.

And here's another shot in the shade, where the colors of the lines really stand out more. I used NYC French White Tip for the base, Stripe Rite in a blue shade (unnamed) for the paper lines, and a Sinful Colors nail art brush (I forgot the name) for the pink margin lines. The dots are Sinful Colors black on black, dotted on with a bobby pin.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Not the most original idea, but I've gotten a lot of compliments ;]

  2. oooh I like this! Simple but fun at the same time. And I like the colors you chose! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. I still love to get school supplies and especially notebooks :D This is such a cool mani! Great job ;)

    1. Haha yes! I'm not the only one ;] Thanks!!

  4. How do you get the lines so straight??? Really cute idea! <3

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you think so - I thought they could be a lot straighter! The pink lines were easy because my nail is level vertically...but with the curve of my nail bed making a little hill horizontally, it was a little tough to do the blue ones straight! Those Stripe Rite brushes are awesome, the brushes are so thin and long, it makes striping easy - you can pick them up at Sally's! :]

    2. I just got a striping brush! I have to try it out! <3

  5. Owww... Very appropriate for back to school mani. Gorgeousness!!

  6. These are so cute! I found a tutorial for making a tee shirt that looks like binder paper on Pinterest and was so excited--the writing nerd in me loves all thigs school supply too! These would be the perfect mani to try to recreate if I EVER get around to trying the shirt...or just for fun:).

    1. Thanks Missy! You have to post the shirt if you make it - I'd love to see how it turns out :]


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