Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charm Your Nails: Zombie Princess & Howling Moon

Happy Saturday lovelies! Today I have a day off, which I am SO excited about lol. Have to work again tomorrow but today is all about swatching, playing video games, and laying around so I'm happy! Today I bring you two more awesome polishes from Charm Your Nails: Zombie Princess and Howling Moon. These are two more from her Halloween collection, and they totally got me even more psyched for Halloween!! 

Lindsay describes Zombie Princess as:
 "A decaying mix of green and pink glitters in a jelly mossy green base. Glitter shapes include bar, hex and square."

I love the murky base in this polish; it would be perfect for a zombie! I layered this over a few different colors to try it out. Lindsay showed swatches on a nail wheel over Orly Decades of Dysfunction, and I thought that would look perfect under this polish. Zoya Yara also reminds me of zombies, so I layered my ring finger with that, and my pinky is over black. My thumb is two coats of Zombie Princess alone.

The green glitters really shimmer, I love it. I still think my favorite has to be over Decades of Dysfunction! Looks kind of gross ;] Like a zombie!

Here's a picture in the shade. You can really see how cool the green glitters shine when it's not in direct sunlight. :]

And of course, a close up in the car!

What do you think of this polish??

Next up is Howling Moon! This one is really cool. Here's the description from Charm Your Nails Etsy shop:
"A mix of dark night black and gunmetal glitters with large white moon hex glitters and fine multi colored star sparks in a clear base.
Glitter shapes include hex and square."

The tiny sparkles really make it. I thought it would look good over lots of colors, but I tried to think "Halloween" and "night time" so this is what I chose. My thumb is 2 coats of Howling Moon alone, index is 2 coats over Rimmel Night Before, middle is Sinful Clementine, ring is Pixel Humdinger, and pinky is Rimmel Camouflage. Please excuse the cuticles - they are much better now, I took this last week. :]

Here are 2 close up pictures, I couldn't decide between them because the mani looks so different in the sun vs shade!


Direct sunlight
I think my favorite color combination here would have to be either the index or the ring finger - they both look like a dark, spooky night!! But the orange and green look very Halloween-appropriate too! 
I had no trouble working with this formula, the only semi-complaint I had would be that the big white hexes (see middle finger, center) did not want to come out much! The medium sized ones were plentiful, though, as you can see those all over the other nails. I found that dabbing a bit helped with placement with this glitter.

I took a couple macro shots of the nails to show how this glitter really looks up close:

One last picture! Check out how it sparkles in the sun! :]

Charm Your Nails polishes retail for $8.75 for 0.5 oz, and $3.50 for 0.125 oz. 

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts on these polishes below :]

And don't forget...

Lindsay has been generous enough to activate a coupon code specifically for my readers, for15% off your order from Charm Your Nails!! Just enter the coupon code SANITY1713 when you check out to receive the discount. :]
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  1. Awesome Halloween polishes! They really do portray their names very well, I can't look at Zombie Princess without thinking of zombies, even if I didn't know the name! :D And I love Howling Moon over the dark colors, it definitely looks spooky.

    1. Thanks Megan glad you like them! I totally agree with you - Lindsay did an awesome job naming these guys :]

  2. I love Zombie Princess!! Beautiful pictures Kelly! <3


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