Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charm Your Nails Swatch Post #3

Well, today I have for you the last Charm Your Nails Swatch & Review post...for now! Lindsay was generous enough to send me some more awesome polishes to review and I will post about those very soon :] Hint: they are amazing!

Today I have two lovely Halloween polishes: When Black Cats Prowl and Mal-eficent's Magic.

First up, When Black Cats Prowl. It's a clear base with purple squares, black squares, black hexes, orange hexes, orange and sort of metallic silver bars, and tiny green hexes.

Speaking of Black Cats prowling, the Nails for the Sake of Sanity mascot had to make her appearance while I was taking photos. Everyone, meet Trixie, my love, and the inspiration for Trix & Treats Lacquers (my frankenpolish line that is in the works)!

Now, back to the polish! Here are some swatches of my mani, featuring When Black Cats Prowl!

I used Revlon Smoldering for a base, and Sinful Colors Let's Talk for the accent. Then I painted on 2 coats of When Black Cats Prowl using the brush stroke method, and topped it all off with a coat of SV.

Check out the close-up! I love this polish.

Just for reference, I also tried this polish using a flat grey instead of the shimmering silver, but I think I liked the above one better. Here's the one where I used Confetti Lonesome Dove instead of Smoldering.

Which undies do you like better?? :] Or are they too close to even really tell the difference?

Next up is Mal-eficent's Magic! This one has got an awesome shimmery base that Lindsay describes as a "glowing green flame base". Glitters in this beauty include purple and green squares, tiny black hexes and squares, black bars, even tinier green glitters, and purple hexes.

I thought this one would look perfect over orange! I layered 2 coats of Mal-eficent's Magic over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Heat Flash, and Confetti Lonesome Dove for the accent. I really like how the shimmer base transforms the orange, even though it's tough to capture in pictures!

This is probably my favorite Halloween glitter that I own right now. When layered over orange, it looked to me like the perfect illustration of what Halloween is - especially with that awesome shimmer base! I just could not get enough of this mani, in fact - I'm still wearing it now!

You can see a bit more of the shimmer where the light hits it.

A close-up shot:

I also took a few macro shots of this polish on my nails - I love it that much!

I had zero issues with either of these glitters. There are some pretty big squares in Mal-eficent's Magic, and I had NO problems with curling at all. The bars behaved as well. One coat of SV and you get a perfectly smooth, glassy finish. I definitely recommend both of these glitters for your Halloween arsenal, but Mal-eficent's Magic is a must have in my opinion - the base is seriously unique, and the color combination is stunning on the nail. :]

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts below :]

And don't forget...

Lindsay has been generous enough to activate a coupon code specifically for my readers, for 15% off your order from Charm Your Nails!! Just enter the coupon code SANITY1713 when you check out to receive the discount. :]
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  1. Yay discounts! You picked great base colours to showcase this =)

    1. Thank you Sharra! I loved these combinations as well! It's a great discount, especially since her polishes are already really reasonably priced for indies! :]

  2. I love the colors you used as bases, they compliment the top coat really well!

  3. I love Mal-eficent's Magic!! It looks perfect over grey!

    1. Thanks Jennifer - this is one of my absolute favorites too!!

  4. Your swatches are SO beautiful and I love the kitty!!! <3

    1. Thank you Maggy! Trixie is my love <3

  5. OMG I have never heard of this brand but these glitters are fantastic!! Great Halloween collection!

    1. I know, I was so glad I found out about her - she's amazing!! :]


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