Thursday, September 20, 2012

Charm Your Nails Swatch Post #2

Hey there everyone! Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday - it's cloudy and dreary here but I'm excited because it really feels like Fall :] Don't forget to enter my 100 Follower Giveaway and my 50 Follower Giveaway if you haven't yet!
Today I have my second of three posts showcasing some Charm Your Nails polishes! I decided to take a little break from Halloween (probably the first and last time I'll ever say that!) and show you two of Lindsay's non-Halloween creations - Glamour Party and My Charmed Life.

When I first picked up Glamour Party, it looked to me like gold bars, hexes and squares, bright blue squares and tiny hexes, and rose hexes.

Gorgeous, yes. But, there was one element I was not able to pick out when looking at the polish in the bottle. Check out this (horrible quality) picture and see what I mean!

Can you see it? Try as I might, I could not get this amazing pink microshimmer effect to show up unless I used the flash on my camera - which I never do! But I had to show you guys this, because it is gorgeous! I layered Glamour Party over black, and after two coats it didn't look like black anymore - the pink shimmer is so stunning!

Here's what the whole mani looked like. I used 2 coats of Glamour Party for my thumb, 2 coats over Revlon Smoldering for the accent, and 2 coats over Rimmel Lasting Finish Black Satin for the rest.

This is a very classy, sophisticated looking glitter. The rose and gold really make it soft, yet still vibrant! It reminds me of New Year's for some reason. The only issue I had with this polish was that a couple of the gold bars had a slight tendency to curl a bit, but they were rare and it didn't affect my mani at all. Most of the bars were perfectly straight, and everything else applied smoothly and evenly. Again, I didn't find it necessary to use the dabbing method here, but it might be useful if you're picky about glitter placement. I found I got great coverage just using brushstrokes.

One more picture - here's a shot I got in the car. You can also see a bit of the pink shimmer in this one, I love it!

Next up, we have My Charmed Life.

This polish is an icy looking mix of bright blue, turquoise and aqua hexes and squares in different sizes. There are also white bars thrown in! Just look at this combination - the colors just really pop!

Again, I did 2 coats with no undies on my thumb, 2 coats over Revlon's Smoldering for the accent, and 2 coats over Rimmel Black Satin for the rest.

I fell in LOVE with this glitter! It is so bright, over black it just jumps off the nail! And to me, it had a very winter-y feel, like snow or icicles, so it would be perfect for seasonal manis in just a couple months.

And of course, the car shot. Wow, my skin is dry - ignore that, please! ;]

I had absolutely NO issues with this formula. Even the bars behaved. I found that I got great coverage using 2 coats of My Charmed Life. Again, I used brushstrokes, but if you're picky about placement, dabbing might be a better method for you.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts below :]

And don't forget...

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  1. i think i like sake of sanity more. :D it looks really pretty against dark base.


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