Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Starry Earth Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Today I am super excited to share this post with you, because I have been able to get my hands on some gorgeous polishes that I think everyone should know about! Recently, I stumbled upon a great shop on Etsy called Starry Earth, which has handmade polishes created by Elizabeth. A lot of the polishes are inspired by princesses (Princess Collection) and Harry Potter houses (Wizard Collection) - what more could you want? ;] Anyway, today I have two Starry Earth polishes to share with you: 70 % Chance of Rain, and Lion of Valor.

From the Starry Earth description:
"70% Chance of Rain is a stormy grey blue shimmer polish. It has tiny (and I mean tiny) silver holo glitters. It shimmers without being overpowering. It's a great polish if you like glitter but don't want it to be in your face glitter!"

This polish is awesome! I'm not a huge fan of light blues, but this polish really caught my eye online and I'm so glad it did! This is not your typical pale greyish blue, the shimmers really make it unique.

In brighter light. Once this polish gets in sunlight, it really shines!

Outside, in direct sunlight. This picture was slightly out of focus, but I liked it that way because it really allowed you to see all the tiny holographic glitters on each nail. It looks stunning outside!

70 % Chance of Rain applied perfectly, no streaking, no visible brush strokes, not too thick, not too thin. The first coat was very, very sheer, but very buildable. In the above photos, I'm wearing three coats of 70% Chance of Rain with one coat of SV. I completely agree with Elizabeth's description, this polish is glittery and shimmery without that chunky feel of larger, coarse glitters, and without being over the top. I love it!

Next is Lion of Valor. This is the one that really caught my eye when I looked online. From the Starry Earth site:
"Are you a Gryffindor? Then you'll love this polish. It's a semi-sheer red berry base with square, hex and microfine hex gold glitter. It's the final polish in my wizard collection!"

This polish is AMAZING. It is inspired by Gryffindor House in Harry Potter (I consider myself a Ravenclaw, but that's besides the point) and it is one of four polishes in Starry Earth's Wizard Collection. All of them are awesome, but this one really stands out. I mean - just look at that macro!

Ah, I just can't stop staring at my nails! The combination of this berry red with the gold of the glitter is so unique and eye-catching. I can honestly say I have not seen any other polish like this. Lots of indie polishes have dupes, or similar color combinations, but this one stands alone in my opinion.

A closer shot to really show the different sizes and shapes of glitter.

Outside, in direct sunlight. I basically drooled over this mani when I got it outside. This might be my new favorite polish - I need to stock up asap.

The formula of Lion of Valor was again perfect. With all these different glitters, you might expect curling, clumping, or bald spots. I can honestly say that I experienced NONE of these issues. I didn't have to fish for anything, and the glitter applied evenly without me putting in any effort to ensure this. In other words, I didn't even have to try to get this gorgeous mani with perfectly distributed sparkles! I'm going to wear this one for a while :]

I highly recommend you check out Starry Earth if you haven't yet. Elizabeth's polishes are 3-Free, and they retail for $8.00 each for a 15 mL bottle.


A  sample of these products was provided for review. I am not being compensated in any way for this post. This review is a statement of my honest opinion of these products, based on experience. For further information, please see my Disclosure Statement.


  1. Oooo these are really pretty! Wanna go pick some up :P

    1. Yeah, you should definitely check her shop out! There are a ton of cool colors, I'm thinking about picking up some more :]

  2. They are both very pretty! I especially like 70% Chance of Rain. It looks fabulous on you! :-)

    ~ Yun


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