Friday, August 10, 2012


Hey everyone! So, it's our last night of vacation and we're just relaxing at the condo, and I came across this photo I took of a mani I forgot to post! So, figured I'd do that now. The week before we left for vacation I tried out my new dotting tool set using the red and black polishes that came with the set, which I got from Meijer in Dayton. Here is what my playing around resulted in:

It ended up looking like a ladybug, that really wasn't my intention haha but I loved it nonetheless. And I got TONS of compliments on it at work and even at the store! For the accent nail, I tried the V Gap technique I saw on Nailside and it was actually super easy and I LOVE the look! I will definitely be trying these with different colors in the future - the possibilities for color combos are endless. Anyways, my overall verdict on these dotting tools I picked up are that they do seem to create cleaner, more even dotting patterns than I've been able to get with bobby pins or toothpicks. Maybe it's just my technique, but I'm glad I got the tool and I hope to pick up some for bigger and smaller dots in the future!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, tomorrow we begin the long trek back to Ohio, BOO! :/



  1. So cute Kelly! I love the ladybug mani! <3

  2. So pretty! And the accent nail is gorgeous :)

  3. I love the dots! I just found your blog through the nail junkie and just subbed :)

    1. Ah thank you! Always great to see new faces! And I just checked yours out, the alphabet challenge sounds so cool :]


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