Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dollish Polish The Koopa King and 1-Up: Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Tonight I have some polishes that I got last week - my first ever purchases from Dollish Polish, and let me say: I was not disappointed! I managed to pick up two of the ones I wanted from the Mario Bros collection during a Llarowe restock. (That was the first time I'd ever done a launch/restock/etc whatever you want to call it - I felt like a little kid on Christmas just staring at the page, refreshing like crazy!! Anyway, onto the polishes - I got The Koopa King and 1-Up.

First some bottle shots:

1-Up is packed full of small green and white squares, green hexes, larger white hexes, and white bars. The Koopa King to me was the perfect color combination to represent the bad guy in Mario! It looks just like him. This awesome polish is full of micro yellow, medium green and white hexes, larger red, yellow and green hexes, holographic diamonds, and black bars (phew!). That's as best as I can tell anyway.

A closer shot to really show all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of glitters.
And now for the swatches:

This is 1-Up outside, in direct sunlight. I really loved how the polish looked over black, and I decided I wanted a bright accent color that would really pop. This is two generous coats of 1-Up over 2 coats of Rimmel Black Satin and NYC Pink Promenade Creme for the accent. I topped it off with 2 coats of SV.

Inside, in the shade. I loved this mani and I wore it for about three days - that is a record for me anymore! Also I wanted to point out that my nails are getting longer and healthier now, as well as my cuticles - I really noticed it when doing these swatches! It's all thanks to great tips from fellow bloggers!

Here is The Koopa King outside in direct sunlight. I opted to paint it by itself for the accent nail because I thought it was bold enough to stand on it's own. I really like it even without undies! This is two coats of The Koopa King over Rimmel Black Satin, topped with 2 coats of SV.

Outside, in the shade. I love this color over black too!

Oh, before I did these manis I tested both polishes over several different colors, just to see which combinations I liked best. Here is my swatch wheel:

I did 1-2 coats on each nail. The undies I used were: Rimmel Black Satin, NYC French White Tip, NYC Pink Promenade Creme, Sally Hansen HD in Blu, and Essie Bazooka.

Overall, I LOVED these polishes. They applied perfectly, dried super fast, and looked great over basically anything. I couldn't wait to try my next Dollish Polishes - good thing, I didn't have to wait long before she restocked, I've got some great ones that should be coming in the mail soon, and swatches will not be far behind for you guys ;]

So what do you guys think? Do you like Dollish Polishes? :] Til next time!


This product was purchased by me, and the review posted above displays my honest opinions.


  1. WOW Kelly! Your swatches are gorgeous! I absolutely love them and can't wait to get more of my Dollish Polishes in the mail! <3

    1. Ah thank you! When I hit 50 followers I'm thinking of adding a Dollish Polish in the giveaway ;]

  2. Oooo! I love Koopa King over white! Such a cute polish <3 Your swatches are gorgeous (:

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate that - I think I've been improving as I practice more :]

  3. Hi, new follower here :D You have such amazing ideas for your nail art! I am loving 1-up over the black! Stunning!

    1. Thanks so much! Great to see new faces around :]

  4. Love them both! I also love your free hand artwork above! Great job :)!


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