Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Nails

Okay, I had some free time tonight and I actually got through uploading my wedding nails from last weekend...or, actually I guess it was two weekends ago. Oops. Well anyway! I was in my friend's wedding and I knew I wanted to do something pretty with my nails. I asked her what preferences she had, and her only response was "something simple and elegant." Well, I wasn't sure what to make of that, so finding something I felt was appropriate took FOREVER. I finally settled on the following:

Her wedding colors were red and orange (autumn-y colors), so I settled on a firey red base, Revlon's Saucy. I picked that one up recently, and it's a really pretty shade. Then, I wanted something more, so I added a coat of Essie - Shine of the Times (first time using it on an entire mani, and I learned it does not translate well in photos). I took so many photos trying to capture the beauty of Shine of the Times, and failed. Anyway, I added an accent nail with a ring on it - I added a rhinestone (FA at that) and a gold band, which also didn't translate well. I thought it was pretty, but the ring reminded me of Santa's belt, and that just wouldn't do. So after I got home from work, the night before we were scheduled to leave for Akron, I redid the accent nail.

I liked this accent color a lot better. It's from Orly's Dark Shadows collection, it's called Decades of Dysfunction and it's a kind of greyish nude color that worked perfectly with the ring because it didn't take attention away from it but was more interesting looking than a plain, naked nail. Well, I still wasn't happy with the way the shineys were photographing, so my boyfriend snapped this one with his "real" camera while I was driving on the way to the rehearsal dinner, haha!

Finally, in the sun you can at least see the shimmers. I absolutely love Shine of the Times (late to the bandwagon, I know) and I'm sure it will be making a lot more appearances in the future.

Oh, and one more bonus mani because I forgot to post it earlier. On the day I wrecked my car (UGH) I just so happened to be on the way home from a Sally's excursion where I picked up some gems on sale. I bought a couple Nina Professional polishes, which I had never tried before, and I tried one out that night to make myself feel better. It took a lot of coats to get the color it shows in the bottle, but I loved it anyway:

The main color is Nina Pro's Molten Gold, and it really does look like molten gold, especially in person. It's so much prettier in direct sunlight, but I unfortunately didn't get any photos outside. I did my accent nail in Icing's The Golden Age of Glitter (about 4 coats) and I loved it too. It reminds me of Pittsburgh because it's black and gold glitters :} And just because, here's another angle:

Such a pretty polish. I will definitely buy more Nina in the future. It was long-wearing, had a great smooth formula and it was affordable - somewhere around $3/bottle!! That's all I've got for now, I'll be back on Thursday to show off my Summer Song nails ;D


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