Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 7: Ice Cream

Well here we are 7 days into the challenge! I'm surprised I've made it this far, it has really been harder than I thought, but I really like pushing myself. Only thing is, I have bought a ton of new polishes lately that I can't wait to swatch, so that's been hard! Anyways, here is my ice cream mani!

I was feeling kinda uninspired today, so sorry it's boring! I'm embarrassed to admit such a bland mani for ice cream since I worked at Bruster's for so long, but don't worry, I already have plans for a tribute to that job to surface later in the challenge ;] Anyways, for my mani I wanted to do a different scoop of ice cream for each finger and then a waffle cone to hold them all up!
Here's a scoop of strawberry:

Here's a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes and a cherry on top:

Here's a scoop of mint chocolate chip:

And last, a little baby scoop of dark chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles:

That's all, I hope you like my take on the ice cream mani! Check out the other bloggers and have a great weekend :} Kelly


  1. This is really creative! I like it! I'm struggling with keeping up with this challenge too. I normally only do my nails about once or twice a week, so I've been having to squeeze it in when I can. Good luck - hopefully we make it all the way to the end without missing any!

  2. Oh this is a great idea!! I love your idea especially because I gave up to paint corns on my nail :D Really great looking!!


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