Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 6: Favorite Summer Color

Hey everyone! Here is my manicure showing my favorite summer color! I couldn't pick just one because my favorite colors to wear when it's hot out are pink, and orange! I really wanted to try water marbling again since I've had such tough experiences with it in the past, but I picked two really opaque colors so I was hoping it would turn out well. I used Julie G "Oh Em Gee!", which is a bright neon pink, and Love & Beauty in Orange (it reminds me of sherbet). Overall I like it! It could always be better, my technique is still not that great but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!

Sorry I've not been so talkative lately, like I said a lot going on...I'm going to try to keep up with the challenge but I've got some personal stuff happening at the moment so we will have to see. I plan to do my best.



  1. Soooo pretty! Love the way you did the mani - and all the colors are awesome!

  2. Nice water marble! These colors look great together!

  3. beautiful water marble

    p.s I hope everything gets better for you hun <3 :)

  4. This is great!!
    Love your choice of colors, good job ;)

  5. so lovely!!! choice of colors for water marble is super!!

  6. Thanks everyone! Your comments make me feel better about my water marble!


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