Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 5: Fruits

Ah sorry this is so late! A lot going on today.

I know these have all been done to death, but I made a pineapple, a strawberry, an orange, a watermelon and a grape! Overall this is one of my favorite manis I've done so far. I've gotten so many compliments at work and I feel like looking at this in retrospect, I can really see how far my nail art has come since when I first started. Hope you guys like them!!


  1. i really like them i especially love the middle finger with the little fimo orange :)

    1. Ah yes I forgot to mention this! I thought it was pretty self-explanatory that it was fimo, but my boyfriend and some other people made comments like "how did you make such a detailed orange so small??" haha so NO I can't take credit for that, though it is a little hard to see the orange is fimo! The rest was freehanded/dotted. :]

      and Thanks!

  2. Oh pineapple!
    I even didn't think about that fruit, it IS really a tropical fruit!! Looks really yummy ;)

  3. Really lovely, I love them.

  4. Love it, I love that you did different fruits for each nail. The thumb is my fav.

  5. Looks so yummy! The strawberry and the pineapple are my favorites :D


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