Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 12: Favorite Beach Memory

Today is Day 12 of the challenge and it is almost over! I will miss having something pushing me to try new things with my nail art, but my nails and cuticles are ready for a BREAK! :] Anyways, for today's theme, I had a hard time deciding on a favorite beach memory, mostly because anytime at a beach is going to be a great memory - I LOVE the beach! Finally, I settled on attempting to recreate Myrtle Beach, since that is where I've gone on vacation with my family for the past three summers. Since I had done ocean/sand for another manicure I tried to take a different approach and recreate some of the things we did there on my nails!

On my index finger is a symbol I associate with Myrtle Beach and SC in general, but I don't think it's their official logo or anything. I just see it on a lot of bumper stickers and key chains! It's a moon and a palmetto tree.
The middle finger is my interpretation of part of the Ripley's aquarium logo. I've gone there twice and I love it - anywhere I can go to see animals I'm happy. Here's a picture of the sign to give you an idea what I was going for.

Then, going along the same idea, the ring finger is part of a sign for Broadway at the Beach, a giant outdoor shopping center where we've gone probably about a hundred times. They have fireworks and performers and great food. Here's the logo:

And last, my pinky shows a simple sunset - because our condo is oceanfront and nothing beats watching the sunset over the ocean! Ahh, I miss it there :] Hope you all like the mani, and don't forget to check out the other girls!



  1. fun and funky mani, good job

  2. very fun mani... i really like it!

  3. I love it. I'ts super fun and bright perfect for summer

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  5. I love that every finger represents something else of your vacation! Looks awesome :D


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