Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 11: Seashells

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, as I'm sitting here updating this from WORK! :p It's time for Day 11 of the Summer Challenge and it's a fun one - sea shells! I recently went shopping at Sally's (dangerous) and they were having a sale on those little Cina packets with different glitters and fimo shapes, etc. So I bought one that just happened to have crushed up seashells in it and I thought they would be perfect for this challenge :] This is sort of a different look for me, I'm not used to the texture of having things actually sticking out from my nails, but I think I might sort of like it!

How convenient, the pack came with 5 different colors, one for each finger! I used a base coat of Rimmel Gold Silk, but in the pictures it comes across as more of a nude or skin color than a gold. It was meant to look like shimmery sand.

So, what do you think? I ran into the same problem here as I did when I made textured "sand" on my nails using glitter - it wouldn't stay on five minutes if I needed to use my hands for something (i.e. cleaning, typing, etc). Is there some trick to doing a textured nail or is it just the price you pay - any help would be much appreciated!



  1. They Look so cute!!! Hm sucks that these textured things that look so cool wont stay on :( usually these crushed shells are used in acrylic nails then they are sealed with the the gel.

    1. Or it could be sealed by thick topcoat, and actually shell chips look BETTER under the topcoat; the pearly "texture" appears up just only when it's covered by topcoat/gels.
      Another idea might be use of nail glue to stick on, it's much tough than sticking by polish or topcoat ;)
      Anyway, your tip is really colorful and cute! :D

    2. Thanks for the suggestions ladies, I think I am definitely going to put topcoat over next time after seeing what it looked like on Kaki's nails!

  2. OMG did we use the same product for today's challenge? Because that looks awfully similar to what I used!! Haha that would be so insanely funny. Nice mani though, I like that you used a different color for each.


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