Sunday, July 29, 2012

Major Sale Alert!!!

Hello everyone - I am currently in an EXCELLENT mood because I discovered an awesome sale that I had to share with you guys! The story is, I went grocery shopping and realized on my way home that I forgot lemons, so I just stopped at Meijer, this grocery store that was on my way home. I usually never go there because the groceries are overpriced, but I thought it's just lemons so why not? Of course, I was there, so I had to check out the polishes, right? I was ASTOUNDED. They had so many quality brands - more than I've ever seen at a grocery store - EVER!! They had all the usuals (Revlon etc) but I also saw huge displays of OPI, Essie, CND, Nailtiques, Color Club, and more. The wall of polishes stopped me in my tracks and I pinched myself and thought, Am I dreaming? Here's what I saw in only ONE of the FOUR aisles.

And you see all those orange stickers? ALL on sale. CND $6,25 each, Nailtiques $5, Color Club $1.99, Revlon $3.99, Rimmel Lasting Finish 30% off $3.95, and I'm sure there's more. They also had a really cool brand of polish called Studio M that I had never heard of before. It came in a ton of awesomely gorgeous colors and for only $2 a bottle!! I was in heaven. I limited myself as best as I could, but I ended up walking away with 15 bottles of polish, mostly Color Club, a nail art dotting set (finally got a dotting tool)...AND lemons - all for only $45.

Happy girl right here.

The Studio M polishes I picked up. LMK if anyone is interested in colors and I will list them.

Color Clubs. I finally picked up the polishes from the Take Wing collection that I've been wanting for months now. And for 1.99 each! Ah, I'm still so excited, can you tell? Haha. So - my point is, if you've got a Meijer near you, check it out! They have definitely redeemed themselves in my book and I'll probably be making regular stops there now...sorry, Rent, Food and Bills. :D


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