Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much going on!

First of all, I apologize for being such a horrible blogger and I hope to be better with it as soon as I take off this stupid shellac! First I was home in PA for 2 weeks working a ton of hours at the hospital, and then directly after I came back to Dayton I had to leave again for a bachelorette party weekend, and since then I've been terribly sick, and also I've started working two jobs! I got the shellac done after the bachelorette party. Don't get me wrong, it's really pretty, I'm glad I got it to see what it's like. I had a Groupon for it so it was $9 instead of the original $38, and I wanted to see what it was all about. Mostly I didn't believe any kind of polish would last 2 weeks without a chip - my nails chip like crazy usually. But, I have to say it's been 10 days today and not a SINGLE chip - very cool! Here's a picture the day after I got it.

I am too lazy to take more pictures right now, but I can honestly say that after 10 full days, washing dishes, even picking at it like I always do - it looks completely the same. HOWEVER - I don't think this was for me, at least not as into nail art as I am right now. It's been torture to not be able to try new colors and designs! I've done my toes but it's not the same! Anyway, onto other stuff.

I had vowed to make June my no-buy month because I spent SO much in May. So, it's now June 13th...can we all have a moment of silence for June-no-buy-month? It died today...RIP.

It all started when I had to go to Walgreen's for prescriptions. I finally had a doctor's appt today because I've been sick since I came home from Put-in-Bay a little over a week ago. I had a 101 fever for a couple days, horrible cough, pain when I breathe or swallow any food or drink, and I can't hear out of my left ear and it hurts - turns out it's pneumonia! Plus a bad ear infection. I've never had it before but I can't wait to feel better - it's been really hard to work while I feel this bad. Anyways, so of course I was at Walgreen's picking up my prescriptions and they had certain shades of Essie on sale for $4!! HALF off the usual $8 price.

Okay, the one on the left I bought a while ago and it wasn't on sale. But oh well! The other three were half off. From left to right: Light, Bazooka, She's Picture Perfect, and No More Film.

Well, then I had a couple coupons, so I figured since June no-buy month had died anyway, why not??

I had a coupon for $2 off Revlon, PLUS when I got to Rite Aid, they were BOGO half off! From left to right: Mysterious, Dreamer, Smoldering, and Saucy. I can't wait to try these :D

I had a coupon for $1 off Julie G, and I loved this gorgeous neon pink - it's called Oh Em Gee! Sinful was on sale so picked up a new Snow Me White and a new color - Fiji. I decided to give Chameleon ONE more try and hope this formula is better because this color (Waltz) was really pretty. And the last one, Julep in Alfre was FREE with a voucher I got in my June maven box (see below)!

I got Lauren and Claire for my polish colors, and they came with cute matching Pixie Sticks, which Nick ate, haha. I am also super excited to try the Daylight Defense face and hand cream, it sounds like a great daily face lotion to switch to, but I'm having major face issues lately so I have to wait until that clears up.

ANYWAYS so that's the update on what I've been doing lately. My doctor recommended that I rest and take it easy, but I have been working one job part-time and I start the second one tomorrow which sounds like it's going to be eight hour shifts so I'm going to be doing twelve hour days starting next week. Plus my part-time job is a lot of driving which takes up extra time and gas. :/ OH, not to mention my friend is getting married next weekend so I need to hurry up and get better fast!! Hopefully I will update soon with some swatches or nail art, this shellac is coming off either tonight or tomorrow I can't resist anymore! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather for me since I really can't, haha.



  1. R.I.P. June-no-buy-month....

  2. I appreciate the moment of silence...I tried to get Nick to help me in mourning but he just scolded me!! I tried to tell him the pneumonia made me delirious and I didn't know what I was doing, the nail polish just walked up to the checkout and I couldn't just leave it there...he didn't buy it. :/


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