Friday, June 15, 2012

Leopard print over gold tips

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I had my first full week of work at my new job, so I am super excited about the weekend. AND last night I took off the shellac (which was much easier than I anticipated, and my nails weren't damaged at all) so I have new nail art to show off! I wanted something in a more neutral tone because my nails have been bright pink for so long, and I looked through my arsenal of nail art pictures that are on my list to try and decided on a leopard design. I saw one with natural-toned leopard print over tan french tips, so I tried to recreate my take on that. These nails came out AWESOME! Unfortunately, pictures don't do it justice, flash or no flash. It's really hard to pick up on the colors and the effect of the leopard print, but oh well - you will have to take my word for it! I took pictures of each step in case anyone wanted to see the process. And, here they are!

First I painted some gold tips on. I liked gold better than the tan I saw done on Google, so I went with Revlon's Copper Penny. I actually freehanded these! I thought they turned out pretty well for freehanding. So that was step one.

Then, I used NYC Canal Street to randomly dab on some dots for the leopard spots. Again, the camera doesn't really do this color justice, it's a dark, rusty red/brown that looks perfect with the gold. 

Last, I outlined the spots with Sinful Colors Nail Art in Time Off with messy, broken lines, and added in some random black dots to complete the look! Honestly, this looks WAY cooler in person. I might try to get some better pictures when my boyfriend gets home from work with the good camera :] So what do you think?? Suggestions/constructive criticism welcome! I don't have the steadiest hand, so it was really difficult to outline the spots on my right hand since my left is so clumsy. That's all for now - hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  1. These are really cool! Rowr!

  2. Thanks! Took me forever but I ended up really happy with it :D

  3. so pretty!

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