Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

Hey everyone, again sorry I've been so MIA lately! I was in a wedding last weekend and was sooo busy leading up to that! But, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I wanted to do a design in honor of that, so I combined a few different birthday nail art designs and came up with this.

Most of these are obvious what they are (at least I hope!) but the ring finger is Sinful Colors - Bikini underneath and Pure Ice - Spitfire overtop, and I did this because my mom loves pink, and sparkles. So I didn't want to do all generic birthday stuff, I wanted to add a personal touch too.

I'll update soon (probably tomorrow) with a couple more recent designs, including the one I wore for the wedding I was in, and some nail art wheels I've gotten done. I'm excited to start the July nail challenge soon! :D


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