Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

Hey everyone, again sorry I've been so MIA lately! I was in a wedding last weekend and was sooo busy leading up to that! But, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I wanted to do a design in honor of that, so I combined a few different birthday nail art designs and came up with this.

Most of these are obvious what they are (at least I hope!) but the ring finger is Sinful Colors - Bikini underneath and Pure Ice - Spitfire overtop, and I did this because my mom loves pink, and sparkles. So I didn't want to do all generic birthday stuff, I wanted to add a personal touch too.

I'll update soon (probably tomorrow) with a couple more recent designs, including the one I wore for the wedding I was in, and some nail art wheels I've gotten done. I'm excited to start the July nail challenge soon! :D


Friday, June 15, 2012

Leopard print over gold tips

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I had my first full week of work at my new job, so I am super excited about the weekend. AND last night I took off the shellac (which was much easier than I anticipated, and my nails weren't damaged at all) so I have new nail art to show off! I wanted something in a more neutral tone because my nails have been bright pink for so long, and I looked through my arsenal of nail art pictures that are on my list to try and decided on a leopard design. I saw one with natural-toned leopard print over tan french tips, so I tried to recreate my take on that. These nails came out AWESOME! Unfortunately, pictures don't do it justice, flash or no flash. It's really hard to pick up on the colors and the effect of the leopard print, but oh well - you will have to take my word for it! I took pictures of each step in case anyone wanted to see the process. And, here they are!

First I painted some gold tips on. I liked gold better than the tan I saw done on Google, so I went with Revlon's Copper Penny. I actually freehanded these! I thought they turned out pretty well for freehanding. So that was step one.

Then, I used NYC Canal Street to randomly dab on some dots for the leopard spots. Again, the camera doesn't really do this color justice, it's a dark, rusty red/brown that looks perfect with the gold. 

Last, I outlined the spots with Sinful Colors Nail Art in Time Off with messy, broken lines, and added in some random black dots to complete the look! Honestly, this looks WAY cooler in person. I might try to get some better pictures when my boyfriend gets home from work with the good camera :] So what do you think?? Suggestions/constructive criticism welcome! I don't have the steadiest hand, so it was really difficult to outline the spots on my right hand since my left is so clumsy. That's all for now - hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much going on!

First of all, I apologize for being such a horrible blogger and I hope to be better with it as soon as I take off this stupid shellac! First I was home in PA for 2 weeks working a ton of hours at the hospital, and then directly after I came back to Dayton I had to leave again for a bachelorette party weekend, and since then I've been terribly sick, and also I've started working two jobs! I got the shellac done after the bachelorette party. Don't get me wrong, it's really pretty, I'm glad I got it to see what it's like. I had a Groupon for it so it was $9 instead of the original $38, and I wanted to see what it was all about. Mostly I didn't believe any kind of polish would last 2 weeks without a chip - my nails chip like crazy usually. But, I have to say it's been 10 days today and not a SINGLE chip - very cool! Here's a picture the day after I got it.

I am too lazy to take more pictures right now, but I can honestly say that after 10 full days, washing dishes, even picking at it like I always do - it looks completely the same. HOWEVER - I don't think this was for me, at least not as into nail art as I am right now. It's been torture to not be able to try new colors and designs! I've done my toes but it's not the same! Anyway, onto other stuff.

I had vowed to make June my no-buy month because I spent SO much in May. So, it's now June 13th...can we all have a moment of silence for June-no-buy-month? It died today...RIP.

It all started when I had to go to Walgreen's for prescriptions. I finally had a doctor's appt today because I've been sick since I came home from Put-in-Bay a little over a week ago. I had a 101 fever for a couple days, horrible cough, pain when I breathe or swallow any food or drink, and I can't hear out of my left ear and it hurts - turns out it's pneumonia! Plus a bad ear infection. I've never had it before but I can't wait to feel better - it's been really hard to work while I feel this bad. Anyways, so of course I was at Walgreen's picking up my prescriptions and they had certain shades of Essie on sale for $4!! HALF off the usual $8 price.

Okay, the one on the left I bought a while ago and it wasn't on sale. But oh well! The other three were half off. From left to right: Light, Bazooka, She's Picture Perfect, and No More Film.

Well, then I had a couple coupons, so I figured since June no-buy month had died anyway, why not??

I had a coupon for $2 off Revlon, PLUS when I got to Rite Aid, they were BOGO half off! From left to right: Mysterious, Dreamer, Smoldering, and Saucy. I can't wait to try these :D

I had a coupon for $1 off Julie G, and I loved this gorgeous neon pink - it's called Oh Em Gee! Sinful was on sale so picked up a new Snow Me White and a new color - Fiji. I decided to give Chameleon ONE more try and hope this formula is better because this color (Waltz) was really pretty. And the last one, Julep in Alfre was FREE with a voucher I got in my June maven box (see below)!

I got Lauren and Claire for my polish colors, and they came with cute matching Pixie Sticks, which Nick ate, haha. I am also super excited to try the Daylight Defense face and hand cream, it sounds like a great daily face lotion to switch to, but I'm having major face issues lately so I have to wait until that clears up.

ANYWAYS so that's the update on what I've been doing lately. My doctor recommended that I rest and take it easy, but I have been working one job part-time and I start the second one tomorrow which sounds like it's going to be eight hour shifts so I'm going to be doing twelve hour days starting next week. Plus my part-time job is a lot of driving which takes up extra time and gas. :/ OH, not to mention my friend is getting married next weekend so I need to hurry up and get better fast!! Hopefully I will update soon with some swatches or nail art, this shellac is coming off either tonight or tomorrow I can't resist anymore! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather for me since I really can't, haha.