Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here are some pictures I took last week when I tried out a couple of duochrome polishes. I read about these polishes on a few different sites, and from what I gather, it just means that they change colors in the sun. Apparently, Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms were a really popular and pretty duochrome brand a while back, but they don't make them anymore - luckily I found one when raiding my mom's old stash from when she worked in a makeup department! I tried it out and it was really pretty! Of course, I did it too close to bedtime and it got smudgy - even Seche Vite couldn't save it, but the differences in color were pretty awesome anytime. Here it is!

This is what it looks like with the flash, at night time. This color is called Amber Ruby, and it went from a dark bronze to more of a yellow-y goldish color in sun.

This is when I woke up, so you can see the sheet creases. But I couldn't believe how much the color changed in the sun! Definitely a polish I will try again another time (long before I go to bed)!

So, I liked this color so much I decided to try another duochrome that I saw at Rite Aid - Scherer's Chameleon. I always see these at my Rite Aid but for whatever reason never end up getting them, maybe because I wasn't in love with the colors they had in stock. But I went to a different Rite Aid and they had more colors, including this one - Blue Sky, and I liked it so I decided to try it.

In natural light, but in the shade. It was a sort of steel-y blue that reminded me of metal. Really pretty, but the formula was a nightmare - not sure why. After I put it on, I looked up some reviews (maybe something I should have done BEFORE buying it) and I guess a lot of people had this problem with the formula. For me, it applied really streaky and there were even lumps in it. And for the record, I applied to completely clean, dry nails so I'm not sure what the problem was. I ended up just having to apply really thick coats, and I did about three coats plus two coats of Seche Vite...it ended up evening out all right, but still was not happy with the formula overall.

In the sun, outside (in my car). It became much more metallic looking and when I would turn it in the sun, it shifted back and forth between colors in a way that was really interesting.

Another picture in the sun. Overall, I'd probably buy it again if I saw any more colors I liked a lot, since it's pretty cheap (only 2.99). Also, I'm not sure if I just got a bad bottle and it might not be as streaky normally. I think for me, the bottom line here is that I really like duochrome polishes and I would definitely be open to trying more in the future - except not til July. I've resolved that June is my no-buy month. :P


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