Sunday, April 22, 2012

FA at Gradient + Leopard Toes

Good morning! I mentioned in an earlier post that I tried out the gradient technique a few nights ago and would post a picture post-cleanup. Well, here it is!

Overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially for my first try! It was really tough to get the sponge into the spaces right around my cuticles, so the white basecoat I used shows through in some spots, but other than that I like it. I used NYC Pink Promenade for the first color, then Sinful Colors Mama-San, and ended with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal. The picture was taken the day after, once I had cleaned up all the excess polish from my fingers. Definitely something I want to try more in the future.

Also thought I'd share my current toenail design. I like it a lot but I hate my feet/toes so I really struggled to get a picture I felt was acceptable. For the colors on this design, I was mostly inspired by this tank top I have that has leopard print in these colors.

That's all for now, I love this gradient manicure so I want to try to keep it on as long as I can but I'm planning on trying some new designs on acrylics this week (if I have time)!


  1. It looks really good, especially for your first sponging! The colors look great together! And the design on your toe nails is so cute!
    Can I ask, what tattoo you have there? Is that a Koi fish? :)

  2. Thanks! I'm really excited to experiment with some of the brighter colors I have too once I get better :]
    My tattoos there are two sparrows - the one on the left is a blue nice one, flying down, and the one on the right is a red mean one flying up (he has horns). Haha, it was meant to be a depiction of how all people have two sides to them, etc, and I just let my tattoo artist run with it! :]


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